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Step-by-step guides

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What are you waiting for? Here’s how to book your accommodation on Expedia through the Shop & Share Savings Program.

Step 1:

Login to your Shop & Share Savings Program account and go to your dashboard.

Click on "Members Pack" and scroll down to Expedia. Select "Claim promo code promo codes" to view the offer.

Step 2:

To access your discount, click on "Claim promo codes" and copy the code. You can then select "Go to store" to choose your accommodation.

Step 3:

Select "Hotels" from the list of options on the Expedia website and choose your destination, check-in and check-out dates and number of guests. Click on “Search” to show the results for your booking.

Browse through the options or use the filter to find the right hotel for you.

Once you have decided, simply "Reserve" the room to proceed to the checkout. Here you will find an area to apply your promo code. Paste in the code you previously copied and your discount will be applied.

Sadly, not all hotels on Expedia offer the same discounts and some do not accept the coupons. In some cases, you may see an error message saying the coupon is not valid for the hotel you have selected.

If you receive this message, you can continue to book if you want that specific hotel, or return to the results page to choose another great hotel from the list of options.

And remember, in addition to the savings you make, 2% of your purchase will go to support a nominated cause.